HiBeats for Artists

Do you have what it takes to become the #1 Hibeats Challenger?

demostra talento en challenge

Hibeats run bi-monthly challenges that put your music to the test.

These challenges are not your traditional “The artist with the biggest following wins”
but instead it’s focused on a variety of factors that our algorithm takes care of. 

Participating in challenges isn’t just a way to earn the amazing prizes that come with them but also an opportunity to get your music seen by your future fans who are eagerly waiting for you to reach them.

The Hibeats Map

crea musica donde estes

The Hibeats map is a revolutionary idea that allows artists to connect with local fans in order to build the organic grassroot community. 

With this feature you are able to promote your music to your local region or unlock other regions around the world to target the listeners that you want.

You choose the region and our algorithm handles the rest.

Connect with your fans like never before

pon aprueba tus habilidades

At Hibeats we make it very easy for you to understand your metrics and how everything is performing across the board on the app. 

We have also enabled various features that allow your fans and listeners to directly connect with you and your music in a way that builds genuine fan connections.

Invest in your passion the right way

invierte en tu pasion

At Hibeats we understand that an artist’s journey can sometimes be tough and a lot of challenges can come along the way that artists must deal with.

On top of all the features we are tackling to make artists’ lives easier we have set up various ways for artists to generate revenue through Hibeats.

One of those features is the donation system which allows you to receive various forms of donations to support your career, whether from the Hibeats fund, the money challenges or your fans supporting you directly.

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