HiBeats for Fans

Support your artists in the challenges

demostra talento en challenge

Participate by listening, liking and sharing your favorite artists ‘ hibeats to help them reach the top.

Challenges are a fun way to discover new talent and allow the community to participate in an interactive and fun environment.

Discover and participate wherever you are

crea musica donde estes

Our map function is a revolutionary way to discover music,
is configured to show you local artists from any location based on your musical interests.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of those who never stop traveling, or if you prefer to discover from home. This function is tailor-made for you.

Support your favorite artists

invierte en tu pasion

With HiBeats you can financially support your favorite artists

Every like, comment and share can help your favorite artist grow and unlock new levels.

In addition, you can also make direct donations, so that your favorite artists can make the most of their career.