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We have created this feature to support artists grow and develop. Artists from various genres will participate and in turn we will add various prizes ranging from cash prizes to studio equipment to help further their careers.

Map Finder

Another unique feature which can’t be found elsewhere is the Hibeats map that allows listeners from your city to discover you especially if they like the same genre. The other side of the coin as an artist is that you can place your music across the map so that you could reach listeners from others sides of the country and the world


Would you like to be able to dedicate more time and resources to your musical creations? Thanks to the HiBeats donation system you can do it.

3 New ways
to earn revenue
like never before

We convert your fans’s interactions into profit, we create challenges for artists to earn unique rewards and money. Get support through donations and subscriptions

Disruptive algorithm

We work through a system of points and levels which generates rapid growth organically. This approach allows for the greatest talents to classify within the TOP charts.

HiBeats’ gamified approach will manage your career with success whilst allowing you enjoy as if you were playing your favorite videogame

A revolutionary Map

Discover emerging artists in your area and everywhere around the world.

Connect with fans and artists with the same interests as you. YOU decide how to position yourself in the map. Travel and feel inspired without stepping out of your home.

Decide which city to conquer and imprint your influence. Be strategic.

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How it works?

Upload your music

Experiment to achieve the definitive HiBeat, once you have it, download the app and register as an artist to upload it from HiBeats for Artists.

with your fans

Thanks to our stats system, you will be able to know at all times how many interactions your HiBeat is generating. Let them know what they want to hear!

Reach the
highest level

Witness your progress, accumulate points, level up and become the revelation talent of the music industry.
Each like, comment, comment and shared matters.

Test your skills

Tell the world your story, discover other artists and producers with your same tastes to create something incredible. Use your coins to unlock skills that help you achieve your goal.

Show your talent
and become No. 1

Do you like challenges? Then you will love our bimonthly
Challenges, where the entire community can participate with a
HiBeat to reach the TOP and get the reward.

Keep connecting,
wherever you are

Discover musicians and producers who you would have not met with the algorithms of youtube, instagram, snapchat, tiktok thanks to our revolutionary map.

Invest in your passion

Would you like to be able to devote more time and resources to your musical creations?

Thanks to HiBeats’ donation system you will be able to do it.

Focus your efforts on music and let your fans

Support your talent with donations in your profile


HiBeats is an app that was created with the purpose of supporting emerging artists in their musical career and facilitating contact and communication between artist and fan.

HiBeats’ intention is to give visibility to artists, so that any activity carried out within the app benefits them in real life.

Very easy. You have to register, choose the “artist” section, create your profile with the information you consider important and upload your music.

From there, you will discover all the possibilities that the app offers you.

As an artist, we provide you with the possibility to upload Hibeats and appear in the “Top Artists” and “Top Hibeats” listings on the global page. In addition, you can receive donations and participate in the Challenges to earn rewards. As an artist, you will be able to exchange coins for skills that will allow you to improve your profile, searches and network contacts.

As a Fan, you can also expand your network of contacts and find people with interests related to yours on the map and in the app. Fans will also have daily achievements that will allow them to earn coins.

To upload a HiBeat to your account, you must first be registered as an artist. Once done, you can upload your Hibeats from HiBeats For Artists, by entering the artist code that we have provided you at the end of the registration. You can also check it at any time from Settings > Account > HiBeats for Artists.

Uploading Hibeats is completely free. You can upload as many HiBeats as you want.

In HiBeats for Artists you will find information about the reach of your music. The countries where you are listening the most, the gender and age of your listeners and other statistics that will help you improve your career.

The points in Hibeats allow you to level up, thus increasing your visibility and prestige for other users. They will allow you to access multiple rewards as you explore the application.

Coins are used to unlock skills, which will help you improve as an artist and gain more visibility in the community. You can also use them to increase the reach of your searches within the map, thus discovering new artists to expand your network of contacts.

Achievements are small challenges that will help you complete your progress. Complete them to receive rewards and show them to the community by showing them in your profile.

You can contact us by writing an email to with the subject “HiBeats Information”